Vision Statement

The Department seeks to maintain, consolidate and further strengthen its position as a centre of excellence and scholarship in teaching of Sociology and Anthropology as Social Sciences and as a centre of research into relevant socio-cultural issues.

Mission Statement

  1. To produce graduates who are adequately equipped with critical and analytical skills in order to meet the educational, administrative and other resource needs of the country;
  2. To promote and strengthen graduate studies as a means of stimulating research and meeting the staffing and other needs of the Department, university and the country;
  3. To contribute to the further education of non-traditional students through sandwich programmes;
  4. To provide resource, extension and consultancy services to the Ghanaian outside the Global community in areas of competency.

Core Values

Reliability: To be trusted and dependable

Integrity: To demonstrate professionalism in every undertaking

Good Governance: To promote transparency and accountability

Honesty: To be truthful and ethical in all endeavours

Teamwork: To work collectively to accomplish established objectives

Equal Opportunity: To give to both students and staff access to all opportunities, service and programmes.