The Department of Sociology, University of Cape Coast was established in 1963 to train students to analyse and evaluate from a critical view point, social and developmental issues in all spheres of social life. In 2009, the Department redesigned and realigned its programmes with a view to maintaining, consolidating and further strengthening its position as a centre of excellence and scholarship in the teaching of Sociology and Anthropology as Social Sciences and also as a centre of research in relevant socio-cultural issues. Renamed as the Department of Sociology and Anthropology in 2009, the Department continues to grow and expand in its mission to provide leadership in areas of social understanding to the university community, as well as to the broader Ghanaian society.  

Sociology is an academic discipline that has historically offered students an opportunity to acquire knowledge and skills relating to all aspects of society.  Anthropology studies human origins and cultures and its teaching helps students to become more conversant with the cultural heritage of themselves and others. With knowledge in Sociology and Anthropology, students have been equipped to enter the job market and to continue to pursue graduate work and become professionals in their discipline.